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Booklets on “Monsoon Precautionsfor 2015 has been published & Circulated to all concerned.

Booklet on “Disaster Management Plan” for 2015 has been published & circulated to all concerned. The Disaster Management Plan includes

1) Definition of disaster.

2) Latest post of ART, ARME including that of adjacent Railway.

3) Updated contact Nos. of various officials, Hospitals and agencies including adjacent Railways.

4) Latest system map of Mumbai Division.

It has been prepared to deal with disasters in ensuring the following:

1) Save as many lives as possible

2) Expedite Rescue, relief and rehabilitation

3) Protect Railway property and passengers belongings

4) Quick restoration of traffic.

5) Post accident care of injured and their relatives.

6) Proper communication and media management.

Source : Central Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 12-08-2015