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System Improvement:

1. One WDS/4 Loco has been modified and is used as garbage collection & disposal system in night corridor blocks. Rags lying on the track is cleared with the help of suction and loaded in the bags which are later disposed off.

2. Higher capacity 4T boiler has been commissioned at Mechanized Linen Laundry, Wadibunder on 09.12.2010, which has resulted in increase in capacity from 1,000 to 2,000 bed rolls per day.

A) Status of Mechanized cleaning:


Number of coaches based for PM on the division

1,693 (Bare holding of division)





Number of coaches covered under Mechanized cleaning contracts

1)Contract operational at WB for 248 coaches per day (115 primary, 88 secondary, 45 RBPC), total primary coaches covered : 387

2)Tender for 261 coaches per day (149 primary, 24 secondary, 87 RBPC), at LTT for a period of three years is due for opening on 04.02.2011.Total primary coaches covered : 706

3)Proposal for 553 coaches per day (225 primary, 29 secondary, 299 RBPC), for trains of CSTM, MZN and DR for a period of 5 years is with HQ finance.Total primary coaches covered : 600

B)  On-board house keeping services:


Total number of fulfilling

criteria for OBHS



Actual number of trains covered with OBHS

1)5 trains (2137, 1019, 1093,1005 & 2105) OBHS operational.


2)2 trains (1027, 1041) OBHS awarded to M/s BVG firm has been advised vide this office letter no. BB.M.104.C&W.Mech.Cleaning dated 11/08/2010 to start the work soon.


3)Proposal for provision of OBHS in 3 trains i.e. 2525/2169 (Indrayani Express), 1007 (Deccan Express) & 2289 (CSTM- NGP Duronto Express) for a period of 5 years at a cost of Rs. 1.24 crores is under process.


4)Tenders for provision of OBHS on 10 train of LTT is due for opening on 04.02.2011.

Source : Central Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 25-02-2011