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  Central Railway                                                        Solapur Division   


The Following RRB Candidiates are hereby advised to attend DRM(P) Solapur Central Railway .On 28/05/2018 as the Training for the post of Pro.Guard at Zonal Training Institute/Bhusawal.

Invalid Pan

Recruitment of Assistant Loco Pilot, Gr. PB-I Rs.05200-20200+GP 1900 against RRB Quota on Solapur Division, C.E. N. No: 01/2014 (Category.No.01)

Notice:- Call letter to the following RRB candidates along with enclosures/documents for appointment on Solapur Division, Central Railway for the post of Assistant Loco Pilot.

Corrigendum:- Calling for Training for the post of Pro.ASM :- The training program for the post of Pro.ASM which is commencing from 28-06-2018 at Zonal Training Institute/Bhusawal has been changed, now it will be held from 22-05-2018. All candidates are advised to report at DRM(P)/SUR 21-05-2018 at 10:00 hrs. Instead of 26.06.2018.

Calling for Training for the post of Pro.ASM

Extension of last date for notification for various faculties of Instructors Posts.

Filling up the posts of 05 posts of SSE (civil) and JE (civil).

Filling up to ex-cadre posts of physical Training instructor at National Academy of Indian Railways, Vadodara.

The Following RRB Candidiates are hereby advised to report at

DRM(P)SUR on 02/05/2018 as the Training for the post of App.ALP at Zonal Railway Training Institute/Bhusawal starts from 04/05/2018

Formation of panel for filling up the post of JE(Signal) (Level 6) (GP 4200/- 6th CPC) against 40% Department quota in S&T Department of Solapur Division

Formation of panel for filling up the post of JE(Tele) (Level 6) (GP 4200/- 6th CPC) against 30% Department quota in S&T Department of Solapur Division.

 Selection for the post of station Master GP 4200/-(level-6)against 25%Departmental and 15%LDCE quota in operating Department


Calling for Training for the post of Pro. Guards .

Calling for Training for the post of Traffic Apprentice.

Notice for RRB Candidates selected for the post of Assistant loco pilot and copy Call letter.


Filling up vacancy of Shunting Master-II GP- Rs.2400 in Operating department Eligible/Non Eligible List on Solapur Division Central Railway.

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) panel recruitment for Traffic Apprentice in Operating Department.

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) panel recruitment for Pro. Guard in Operating Department.

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) panel recruitment for Asst. Station Master (ASM) in Operating Department. 

Result of written test held for the Post of Goods Guard in ( level 5)  GP. Rs.2800 against 15% LDCE quota in OPTG Department on Solapur Division. 

Filling up of vacancies of Shunting Master II GP. Rs.2400 (Level-3) in Operating Department.

Selection for the post Assistant Pointsman Level 1 1800/- GP in 30% Departmental Quota of Operating Department(10% Operating Safaiwala + 10% Operating Box Boy,Badge Boy, Waterman & Medical Safaiwala+10% Engineering Trackman/Gangman and Safaiwala)










General Admin

Ministerial (PERSONNEL)

Ministerial (NON PERSONNEL)

 Re-engangement of Retired Staff on Monthly remuneration basis in exigencies of services on Solapur Division , Central Railway letter no SUR/P/Genl/Rtd /RE dt 26.12.2017

Selection for the post of chief Loco Inspector in level 7/ GP-4600/-(Gr.Rs.9300-34800 +4600/-) in Loco Running Department.

Selection for the Ex-cadre Post of Instructor(Sig),& (Tele) in STTI/Byculla

Re-engangement of Retired Staff on Monthly remuneration basis in exigencies of services on Solapur Division , Central Railway letter no SUR/P/Genl/Rtd /RE dt 13.12.2017.

Re-engagement of Retired Staff on Monthly remuneration basis in exigencies of services on Solapur Division , Central Railway.



Filling-up of posts through General Departmental Competitive Examinations (GDCE)

Promotions & Transfers of Pointsman A & APM of Operating Department (Level -1& Level 2)

Filling up of vacancies of Station Manager Gr.PBII-9300-34800+ GP Rs. 4200/- (Level 06 of 07th PC)against 25% Dept. & 15% LDCE Quota.



Viewing scanned APARs and review 

                                              Letter                                                        Eligible_List

STATION MANAGER PB.II-9300-34800+GP.Rs4200/-(level 06 of 07th PC)

Against 25% Deptt. Quota

Against 15% LDCE Quota

Notice:- Initial Training for ALP in Loco Running Department.

Notification :- Selection for the post of Chief Loco Inspector in Gr.9300-34800 + GP 4600 in Loco Running department.

 Constitution of Internal complaints committee for inquiry of complaints regarding Sexual Harassment. 

Organizational Setup

Sr. No.

Name of officer


Mobile No.


Shri B.Chandra Mohiyar

Sr. Divisional Personnel Officer



Shri Vivek Kumar

Divisional Personnel Officer



Shri Balaji G. Phule

Assistant Personnel Officer



Shri Prem Kumar Sharma

Assistant Personnel Officer


    Compassionate Ground Appointment Cases (CGA )

    1) JAN 2017

    2) FEB 2017

    3) MAR 2017

    4) APR 2017

    Organisation Setup

    Complaints_Committee :-  Constitution of Committee for inquiry of complaints regarding Sexual Harassment.


    (A)       System Improvement-

    1.         Strategic Bill Management Wing-

    SBMW was inaugurated by Hon’ble CPO/CSTM on 14.09.2016 and announced the on-the-spotcash award of Rs.10,000/-.  For critical claims such as TA, OTA, CEA etc. procedure and formats have been simplified and streamlined by forming a Single Window Mechanism for effective coordination and for prompt disposal of such claims.  This mechanism has been very effective and successful.

     2.         Single Window Cell for Medical re-imbursement cases-

    Personnel Department will operate the Cell as a Single gateway for registering and processing of claims including of RPF and Accounts  Departments as well as for retired staff.  Procedures and formats have been simplified for easy application and speedy disposal of such claims.  Target of maximum two months (less than prescribed by Railway Board) has been set and achieved for disposal of each claim.

     3.         Tatkal PF-

    Sanctioning procedure and the workflow of processing PF withdrawal applications has been simplified and a single window cell has been formed in Sr DPO office, Solapur. Timelines are defined to process for consolidated sanction by nodal staff and officers instead of dealing discretely and in piece-meal manner. This mechanism resulted in sanctioning of PF within 24 hours with significant bearing on staff satisfaction Index.

     4.         Finalisation of post 2016 revision cases in 7th PC.

    Out of 260 cases, 150 cases finalised and submitted to Accounts for payment. The rest of the cases are in process and will be finalised by 28.02.2017.

    5.         RRC panel implementation.

    -           Allotted 922, materialised 874 (95%)

                -           Allotted 40,   materialised 39 (98%)

     6.         Salary advance in cash-

    Perhaps Solapur was the first division in Indian Railway to complete (within 3 days) the payment of salary advance of Rs.10,000/- in cash to the staff as per the directives of Hon’ble Minister of Railways. In appreciation, DRM awarded Rs. 5000 cash award each to Personnel and Accounts Branch. 

      7.         Composite performance indices in welfare activities-

    High levels of bench marks have been set for the division to improve performance in the following areas-

     (i)         32 Medical decategorised cases have been completed with average time of bare minimum of three days for each case.

    (ii)        90% ONR cases were settled  within two months.

    (iii)       79 cases of CGA were cleared within average time of 47 days.

    (iv)       LARSGESS cases were finalized within  cycle & cases settled within 30 days.

    (v)        Division has settled LARSGESS cases even on the day of VR, for which DRM in appreciation, awarded cash of Rs.5,000/- each to Personnel Branch and Accounts Branch.

     In all of these areas we have been trying to improve year on year basis with over 10% progress.

     (v)SBF Women Empowerment Scheme. Karate courses were started for female employees and wards of the employees with full sponsorship of SBF funds.32 candidates have passed yellow belt certification and over 100 more candidates are undergoing training.Another Orientation Programme was initiated to enrich the Life Skills of Female staff and wards, such as spoken English, driving of scooter/car, beautician course etc.

     (vi)Diagnostic and Homeopathic treatment Camps under SBF. For critical safety essential staff such as drivers, guards, SMs, TCsetc Health Camps have been arranged at SUR, WD, KWV, DD, GR from 10thto 31st May 2016. In this Camp, necessary investigations like body mass index, Blood Pressure, ECG, height weight relations, HB percentage etc. were arranged free of cost.Further, diseases which can not be cured and which requiresthe special homeopathic treatments were diagnosed and treated accordingly.Allergic diseases, respiratory tract diseases, COPD, Bronchial asthama, skin diseases etc. were diagnosed and treated for many staff.


    8.         Initiatives to improve working culture-

    (i)         Workshops, Quiz programmes, Orientation programmes for staff have been organized on regular basis  to improve their working knowledge.


    (ii)        Personnel Branch Foundation day.Like every year this event was celebrated on 13.01.2016 which was inaugurated by DRM and ADRM.  Booklet of achievements of Personnel Department for the year i.e. 2015 has been published in the presence of all B.O.s and Personnel staff.  Establishment Quiz was organized,  best practices in the Sections were discussed and exchanged.  APOs presented vision lectures; cultural talents by the staff were demonstrated etc.

    (iii)Employee of the month Award. Every month one employee is chosen to appreciate for the best work in the department andcitation is presented besides draping the sash with the label of ‘employee of the month’ in the presence of all the staff to enhance their motivation further. The list of awardees alongwith their photo and citation is placed on the Notice Board.

     (iv)Excursion programme for the staff. Large number of Personnel staff have voluntarily participated in two days excursion programme on 15th and 16th October 2016 to Alibag and Janjeera Fort.This has helped to foster the spirit of team building, attitude of mutual help besides exposing special talents of staff in various fields such as cultural,sports and organizational leadership. On two occasions, staff of Personnel Department have been taken for Hurda Party to refresh their spirit and to develop inter personal relations.

     (v)Republic Day celebration. During the Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations, large number of contingents from various departments such as Trackmen, Pointsmen, Helper, TCs etc have participated in March Past in their respective Uniforms to showcase their identity in a dignified manner. Besides RPF, Scout & Guide, Civil Defense contingents, Special contingent of women staff and meritorious staff were the special attraction of the events.Such meritorious staff from various departments were distributed Certificates by the DRM.

    (B)       Induction of New Technology-

    1.         e-Pension Library (Comprehensive digital record keeping of settlement section). As advised by the CPO Sir during inspection, computerisation of settlement record of the 17000 pensioners is initiated for a single data base with web application which can be accessed from any place with internet access.


    Index Registers dating back from 1955 have been preserved in a good state in P/Settlement Section which was inspected by Hon’ble CPO / CSTM on 14.09.2016 and awarded on the spot cash award of Rs.10,000/-.  In this data base, the 21840 Adhar numbers (81%)  of the pensioners and their family members have also been updated.


    2.         Examination cum Training Centre. A critical facility with 100 sitting capacity has been developed in DRM Office Complex with sophisticated features such as wifi enabled digital display projector, CCTV cameras with DVR, PAsystem, Chairs with flip pad etc for the exclusive use of Personnel Department. These facilities will be of immense use for conducting departmental examination, training, workshop, quiz, settlement functions, recruitment process, Pension Adalat, LARSGESS paper scrutiny etc.  for Personnel Department.

    3.         Disability Cell. A Special cell for disabled employees is developed which is equipped with special hardware and personalized softwares like optical magnifier, camera reader, special key board with bigger keys etc. The software and hardware components were personalized based upon user assessment.  Hence, the cell is of a great use to the disabled employees.


    4.         e-APAR. A new web based application has been developed to facilitate paperless dealing of APARs with regard to selections, suitability, review of service etc.  All the users starting from Confidential Cell to respective Cadre Chief OSs, Executives and Personnel Officers were given user accounts with defined access to scanned APARs and facilitative reports for ready usage.


    5.         Cadre Management Module in IPAS. With the help of ED(ERP) Railway Board, who has designed this programme, Solapur Division has become one of the first division to successfully implement the Cadre Management Module by creating and linking the employees with cadres and book of sanction, alongwith auto generated seniority lists.


    6.         Adhar data base of employees and their family Members. Adhar numbers of 99.6% of the employees have been updated in IPAS  and 75%  of family members’ Adhar numbers have also been updated in IPAS.


    7.         Comptran data base. The employees details in Comptran have been updated with the help of special team nominated.  All the necessary fields of bio-data and special columns such as Adhar numbers and contact/phone numbers have also been updated.


    8.         Implementation of Railway Board/HQ IT Modules. IPAS,  Panel Sameeksha, On-line Act apprentices, Gazetted On-line selection application module, NIVARAN, CPGRAMS, RIMS On-line etc. were successfully and effectively implemented and adopted for the best possible results.


    Hon’be MR has reviewed the performance of NIVARAN implementation and appreciated Solapur Division as one of the best performing Units with 100% disposal within the scheduled time.


    (C)       Suggestions/ views expressed-

    Online Dak System. Web based & Android supported Application needs to be developed to facilitate effective transmission of References and to monitor their compliance. More often important letters from HQ/RB are delivered late in the division unless personally advised by HQ Officers.  As circulars from HQ are streamlined and updated on website, all HQ references also can be hosted in a web application also to facilitate sending of replies/compliance online.


    (D)       Promptness in replies to Board’s &  HQ References (System developed)- Special monitoring mechanism has been put in place to review and get complied the references from Railway Board / Hqrs Office.


    (E)       Realistic placement of Indents (Accurate Projection) (On line System)-

    RRB/RRC Indent placed online on RRB Indent Management System for 2083 posts by assessing accurate projection up to 2019.


    (F)       Steps taken to bring about transparency in working-

    1.         Issuance of PPO to retired employees on last working day. The retired Railway employees were complaining about non receipt of     pensioner’s portion of PPO by their paying branches of Banks. To overcome these complaints, this division has started to handover Pensioner’s portion of PPO in person on the last day of their working i.e in superannuation function from September 2016.


    2.         Rejuvenating Railway Institutes.  Elections for the Institutes on the division have been conducted.     


    Date of polling

    Declaration of result on

    Jr Institute /DD



    Sr Institute /DD



    Institute /PB



    Institute /SDB



    Institute  / SUR

    16 & 17.06.2016



    A Joint Meeting was conducted by calling all the Secretaries and Presidents of all the Institutes.  Assets, prospects, problems and ideas for improvement have been reviewed for each Institute and guidelines for their development have been adequately given.  Proposals for funds for all the Institutes have already been given to SBF Committee of Headquarters.


    3.         SR & Leave Account verification drive. Prior to implementation of 7th PC fixation an internal team was formed for scrutiny and verification of the SR particulars and under these initiatives many pay anomalies have been rectified to the extent of Rs.1.06 Crores.





    Source : Central Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 24-05-2018  

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