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  • Central railway Organization Chart

  • Chief Mechanical Engineer

    One of the Principal Officers of each Railway Administration is the Chief 
    Mechanical Engineer who is head of the Mechanical Department. Amongst his more importance duties is that of the maintenance of the rolling stock and other mechanical equipment of the Railway in good repair as on this depends to a very large extent the safety and reliability of railway transportation. To enable him to carry out this duty, Mechanical Department of the Railways have within their control one or more workshops, in which locomotives, carriages & wagons are periodically examined, repaired and overhauled before being placed back on the line. (Source by Indian Railway code for Mechanical Department).
  • Chief Workshop Engineer

    The direct control on the affairs of the workshop is exercised by the "Chief Workshop Engineer" who is the administrative head of the department for workshops. The Chief Mechanical Engineer acts as the overall coordinating officer for ensuring effective working of the department. As such in all matters relating to policy formulation which concerns the Mechanical Department the Chief Workshop Engineer issues instructions in consultation with the Chief Mechanical Engineer who is the Principal head of the Department. Responsibility for budgetary controls in the workshop rests with Chief Workshop Engineers. (Source by Indian Railway code for Mechanical Department).

Source : Central Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 16-09-2011