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 Mechanical Department - Freight Depots

Our Motto:- “Safety, Reliability & Availability”  

Freight organization is dealing with maintenance of all types of wagons and examination of all types of rakes. On Central Railway, maintenance work includes Routine Overhauling of wagons and attention in Sick lines.

We serve the nation by transporting goods which mainly include Coal, Iron Ore, Steel products, Food grains, Cement and  Other raw materials. Also many more items are carrying in ISO containers loaded on special type wagons.

Central Railway is currently holding 22981 wagons of different types. We are phasing out all types of old vacuum brake wagons and is introducing new types of wagons like BOXNHL, BCNHL etc. with increased carrying capacity.

For better maintenance of wagons, latest technologies are adopted in ROH depots & Sicklines. Upgraded Examination yards are available in all divisions with pathways, lighting facilities and other equipments.

To meet the increased loading targets to carry bulk commodities, Central Railway has introduced following new generation wagons which have increased earning potential







Latest Developments

 ●  Running of Long Haul Freight Trains

   Installation of WILD (Wheel Impact Load Detector) 
   About Divisions 


Source : Central Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 19-08-2011