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5 Digit Train Numbering Scheme: 

5 Digit Train Numbering Scheme         5 Digit Train Numbering Scheme

Modifications have been carried out in Train Indication Boards (282 nos), Coach Guidance Indicators ( 2484 nos) & PC Based announcement system (78 nos) in all divisions (75 stations) to display Train numbers in 5 digits consequent to change in Train numbers with effect from 20-12-2010.

GPS Based Digital Clocks:  

GPS Based Digital Clocks:

75 GPS based Digital clocks showing correct and accurate time have been commissioned at 49 stations in Pune division.

Graphical Display Boards: 

Graphical Display Boards

Old cluster based display boards & tube light based ?Halting at? modules of Suburban Train Indicators at 19 stations in Mumbai division have been replaced with Graphical type display boards (317 nos) showing full name of destination & halting stations.

Network connectivity infrastructure for FOIS (Terminal Management System) has been provided at 43 stations which has been commissioned during the year 2010-2011

Source : Central Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 12-02-2011