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Disaster Preparedness

1.C.Rly has five A-Class Accident Relief Trains (140 tonne breakdown crane) and six B-Class Accident Relief Trains with MFD/Lucas re-railing equipments.

2.Besides, there are 6 Road Mobile Accident Relief Trains.

3.There are 11 Auxiliary Relief Medical Equipment Scale-1,2 of which are self propelled (Kalyan & Nagpur).

4.There are 14 Auxiliary Relief Medical Equipment Scale-II.

5.The details of locations of Accident Relief Trains /Auxiliary Relief Medical Equipments target time for tuning them out, and inspection schedule/Mock drills are given in Zonal Disaster Management Plan-2016.

6.Mock Drills of are being carried out regularly.

7.The Disaster Management Act 2005 has widened the definition of disaster by including all those unfortunate events, which co-ordination and the assistance from outside Railway also.

8.C.Rly has tied up with National Disaster Relief Force battalion Talegaon (Near Pune).Their capabilities include dealing with following kinds of disasters.

I.Radiological disasters

II.Chemical & Biological disasters



V.Building collapse, etc.

9.National Disaster Relief Force have 78 inflatable boats, and well trained deep divers, which can be great help in case of train accidents, involving a river or a lake, etc.

10.C.Rly has recently got 54 Accident Relief Trains personnel (5 officers and 49 staff) trained at National Disaster Relief force, Talegon. The staffs were drawn from Mechanical, Electrical, Engineering and Medical departments, working on Accident Relief Trains/Auxiliary Relief Medical Equipments from all 5 divisions.

Source : Central Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 06-01-2017