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RPF Mitra Yojana has been launched in Indian Railway, with a vision to give Protection and Security through Public Participation and as an initiative to develop and improve RPF and the Railway Passenger's interface.

The yojana also aims towards getting co-operation from these RPF Mitras by sharing important information to RPF/GRP/Railway Authority, in the interest of Railways to help in providing effective protection to Railway passengers and their belongings. These mitras have also been requested to pass on information regarding working, discipline and conduct of RPF to improve the image of the Force amongst the traveling passengers and general public.

In Central Railway this scheme was implemented in the month of August 2007.RPF Mitras have been identified and issued with necessary Identity Cards after conducting a meeting under the chairmanship of Inspector General -cum- Chief Security Commissioner RPF/CR.

The objectives and motivation of the scheme is:-
To involve the passengers in preventing and detecting crime on Indian Railways
To establish two way communication with passengers and redress security related grievances
To improve the functioning of RPF by obtaining genuine feed back
To improve the image of RPF and the Railways
To ensure timely assistance to the needy  Passengers.

Who can be an RPF Mitra?
Beneficiaries of RPF Assistance.
Persons rescued from mishaps.
Persons whose lost belongings have been retrieved.
Parents/guardians of rescued children ---etc
Selected NGOs associated with the Railways.
Those who have aptitude for Public Service & Genuine concern for Safety and Security of Railway Passengers.

How does the Yojana functions?
Identify the RPF Mitra.
Establishing contact
Issue of me /Cards.
Sensitization of the RPF Mitra and RPF Staff.
Information and intelligence.
Feedback on RPF functioning
Acting on the information
Feedback & Review of the Yojana
Sustaining the Yojana

Anticipated benefits ? 
Enhanced public awareness on security related issues through the direct participation.
Effective tackling of growing extremist & terrorist menace through improved information network.
Prevention and detection of all kinds of crime on the Railways.
Speedy redressal of grievances of passengers.
Timely assistance to the needy.
Improvement in the functioning of the R.P.F.

Incentives -
Recognization of services rendered.
Reward for valuable information

Source : Central Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 11-02-2011