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‘E-procurement system’ has been launched on Central Railway and ‘e-tendering’ has already been started from September, 2008. Procurement of all items by COS office will be done through e-tendering from 01.03.09. No manual tenders will normally be issued after 01.03.09. In order to participate in ‘e-tendering’ process, possession of Class III digital signature in the name of the firm, is mandatory. All the vendors are again requested to purchase Class III digital signature from one of the approved digital signature providers (visit for further information on authorized digital signature providers). Please note that no vendors will be able to participate in any of the e- tenders in the absence of digital signature. Vendors training has been organized on every Tuesday and Friday from 16.00 hrs. to 17.00 hrs. in the Conference Room of Controller of Stores office, 1st floor, New Administrative Building, Central Railway, CST Mumbai. For any query or assistance on e-procurement system, the vendors may contact Shri Satheesan, AEDPM (SDT), IT centre, CSTM (MTNL No.22697201) and Shri Prabhat Bari (22755436).

You may also contact CRIS New Delhi on following :

Telephone no. 011-24102855

E-mail ID - helpdesk.eps@, helpdesk.eps@gmail .com.

Controller of Stores

On behalf of President of India.

Source : Central Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 01-03-2011