Rs. 17.89 cr. Recoveries effected from sidings this year upto end of Jan as against last Financial Year Rs.16.17cr.


  Land license bills for four sidings were raised during this for amount Rs.78cr.


  Rs. 20cr. of total contract value is saved by entering into negative variations in station cleanliness contracts.


  Three cluster contracts for station cleanliness worth Rs.12 cr. Per annum have been short closed.


  Online PRAN module is implemented in division. CR is fourth Railway to implement it.


  Rs. 2 cr. Transport allowance is recovered from Dec and Jan pay sheet from employees working from home during lockdown period


  Rs.150 Cr. Saving achieved due to internal check in Finance Section during the FINANCIAL YEAR.


  96.64 % of RG under various plan heads is spent during the Financial Year till 15.02.2021.


  Review of Deposit work suspense is conducted and a departmental charge to the tune of Rs.1.21 cr. is transfer to sundry earnings.


  During the period from April 2020 to Sept 2020, GSTR-2A data of mismatch GST invoices data for an amount of ITC around 25 crores has been corrected in IPAS, which enabled Mumbai Division to claim ITC on GST to the tune of Rs. 25 Crores


  During the Period from April 2020. to Jan 2021, Lots of PWAY scrap of 12555 MT and 114034 Number of MBC Sleepers have been cleared, which has resulted in earning of Rs 39.48 Cr.


  During Check of Bills, bills already passed earlier were detected to have been submitted again and the said irregular bills were detected during internal check.


  Revenue expenditure of Rs 6.78 Crores on maintenance of privately owned wagons was identified and was transferred to WMDA during the financial year.


  As on date 128 Numbers of passes have been issued in HRMS for Account Department staff of Mumbai Division.


  Suspense balance to the tune of 56.52 Cr has been cleared from Misc. Advance Capital and booked to final head of accounts.



  During Lockdown period (23.03.2020 to 15.06.2020)


(a)  660 Contractor Bills were cleared by Expenditure staff and cleared over 300 Security deposit pay orders. 850 Suppliers Bills have also been cleared timely and has saved the contractor/supplier from hardship during lockdown.

(b)  Establishment Section has timely passed salaries or around 35000 staff of Mumbai Division.

(c)  Finance Section has judiciously cleared proposals of all departments; thereby achieving a savings of Rs 15 Cr.

(d)  Settlement Section has timely cleared 830 Normal retirement and 202. ONR Cases without any delay.

(e)  All SR verifications have been done in HRMS without any delay.

(f)   Timely cash imprest (200) and card imprest (457) and utility bills were cleared by petty bills section.

(g)  Timely deliveries were attended to by ASVs and Lot Inspections were conducted by ISA of Mumbai Divisions.

(h)  Timely finalisation of Final account current for 2019-20 was done, besides finalisation of monthly account current of April and May 2020.