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Central Railway heritage clock collections tells the importance of time for train transport 26 Heritage clocks functioning at CSMT, the icon of them all the 9 feet CSMT Central Clock

Central Railway Press Release
Central Railway heritage clock collections tells the importance of time for train transport26 Heritage clocks functioning at CSMT, the icon of them all the 9 feet CSMT Central Clock

Time and tide wait for none. Who would know this better than the huge tower clock atop the World Heritage CSMT building in Mumbai, the most iconic of the 26 heritage clocks at the railway terminus & working with great precision at various railway offices at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Railway Station. 
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus has 26 Heritage clock functioning mechanically, a dedicated person exclusively been appointed to maintain and would periodically so that all these 27 British era heritage clocks be functional. At CSMT amongst this 26 clocks, 4 are the major o­nes with distinct & different in size and dimension. They are 1.CSMT Heritage Building central clock. 2.Star Chamber Mini Tower Clock3.Joint Clock at between Platform no. 2 & 3 and 4 &5 – 2 Clocks4.John Walker Clock- 23  No
The Chhatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Heritage Building Clock It is an example of excellence in workmanship by the British timekeepers who crafted this masterpiece in 1888, the clock has been showing time to Mumbai for the past 135 years. This mechanical clock with a diameter of 9 feet having a weight of 150 kg lifted by iron chain, connected over iron spindle, guiding thewheel, pullies, and gear system. 150 kg weight drives the main wheel, which in turn drive the hands of clock accordingly, with the help of reduction gears. Hands are made up of copper. Clock front panel is made up of acrylic sheet to maintain transparent feature and remain visible at night, while it is back lit by 5 mercury light bulb.It’s main wheel consisting of wound iron chain o­n its spindle, need to be rotated o­nce in a week, also called keying the clock, with the help of handle, to balance the height of hanging weight. Regular maintenance of this clock consists of Oiling and greasing of every part.
Mini Tower ClockThis Clock is also o­ne and same as CSMT Heritage Building clock. This clock has Diameter of 3.28 feet or 1 meter. Construction and Operational features are same as CSMT heritage clock, which is weight based, Mechanical clock. This clock is located at Star Chamber. This clock consists of 50 kg weight driving the main wheel and two pulley based gear system.
Joint Clock – Two giant clock together showing the Local Train Passengers the importance of time. A clock showing time to lakhs of suburban passengers passing through this historic CSMT station, located at Platform no. 2&3 and 4&5.  Installed around 1925, the same time when the electric trains started has a diameter of 11 feet. It derives its name, from presence of two clock operated by single pulse system. This clock is based o­n electromechanical operation. It takes 230 V ac as input and converts it into 220v DC. This Voltage is used to generate an electric pulse after every 30 sec. This pulse is used to move the hands of clock. Clock’s front panel is equipped with acrylic sheet and Mercury bulb behind it for back lit purpose in Night. Its periodic maintenance consists of Oiling and greasing of different parts of clock, like wheel, pulley, gears etc. This clock is expected to have installed since construction of this platform.

John Walker ClockThis is fully Mechanical, Weight based pendulum Clock. It consists of 5 kg of weight, guiding the spindle of wheel, which in turn rotate the hands of clock. This weight keeps o­n going down the height, which needs to be adjusted every 3 days 0r 75 hours by more precisely. Its installation in railways is supposed to have in the year from 1907 to 1910. There are 23 heritage clocks functioning and adoring different officials chamber reflecting the heritage value & showing the importance of time. 
The giant Heritage clock reminds Mumbaikars that time is important for the functioning of Railways adding to it also reflecting the time gone by, a century ago, when hardly anybody wore watches, this giant CSMT clock shown Mumbaikars the way to adhere time & Time will not wait. 
--- --- --- --- --- --- ---Date: August 20, 2023PR No.2023/08/36This Press Release is issued by the Public Relations Department, Central Railway HQ, Mumbai.

(Dr. Swapnil D. Nila)
Chief Public Relations Officer

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