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            Information of Electrical Department

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Information of Electrical Department

(As on 04.04.2019)



Electrical Department of Pune Division is looking after the maintenance & operation of Suburban services and electric locos in electrified territory of Pune-Lonavla section.  The maintenance of TRD assets of DD-Pune-LNL section (406 TKM) OHE & power supply equipments, maintenance of General Service’s assets all over Pune Division and maintenance of TL - AC coaches at Pune, Miraj and Kolhapur.


2.1       Gazzeted:

(i)Sr. DEE/TR    : Heads Electrical Branch and directly looks after

  TRD & TRS   operation/maintenance.

(ii)DEE/G             : Branch Officer looks after General Services and TRD.

(iii)DEE/Cog.        : Looks after TL-AC coaches.

(iv)ADEE/TR       : Vacant at present.

(v)ADEE/G          : Looks after  General Service & TL-AC work

and TRD work since post of  ADEE TR PA vacant.

(vi)ADEE /TRO   : Looks after Loco, EMU & Operation.

2.1       Contact Numbers of officers :-

(i)Sr. DEE/TR   : 020-26059089, 020-26105150

(ii)DEE/G            : 020-26105152

(iii)DEE/Cog.      : 020-26105158

(iv)ADEE/TR      : 020-26105154

(v)ADEE/G         : 020-26105154

(vi)ADEE /TRO  : 020-26105156

                                                                                                                                                (As on 04.04.2019)


1.0       SUMMARY :-

The traction distribution branch is responsible for maintenance of power supply to 25 KV AC overhead equipment which gets power through sub-stations located en-route. The total route kilometres electrified in PA division is 180 RKM (460 TKM) and power is fed through three TSS (at TGN, KK and YT) and sectionalised with 4 SP and 7 SSP.


As brought out above, the total TKM electrified is 460 TKM out of which 212 TKM  consists of unregulated OHE i.e. main catenary of 323 sqmm and contact wire of 193 sqmm. For remaining section, conventional OHE has been provided in PA-DD and PA-BRMT section.

3.0       SUB-STATIONS :-

There are three sub-stations in Pune division. These sub-stations have 2 x 21.6 MVA capacity traction transformers. Besides, there are 4 SPs and 7 SSPs for sectionalizing the system. Power supply is availed from 2 Nos. of 110 KV transmission lines (116 KM) from Thakurli and transmitted to sub-stations from KYN-KK. At Thakurli, power supply is obtained from M/s. Tata at 110 KV for for TGN and KK TSS. For YT TSS supply is availed from 132 KV line of MSETCL. All the incoming source is through open access.

Description: C:\Users\USER\Desktop\GM 2019\IMG-20181229-WA0029.jpg           Description: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\IMG-20181229-WA0031.jpg

4.0       110 KV line :-

The power obtained from Thakurli at 110 KV is transmitted to two sub-stations at Talegaon and Khadki, through 2 different overhead transmission lines (SE-I and SE-II). The total length of 110 KV transmission lines is 58 x 2 = 116 Kilometers.

                                                                                                                                                (As on 04.04.2019)


1.0       EMU operation and maintenance :-                                       

44 local train services comprising of 34 in PA-LNL-PA section, 02 in SVJR-LNL –SVJR and 08  in PA-TGN-PA section are being run at present by 5 Nos. of Siemens 12 car EMU rakes in Pune division. Maximum speed of Siemens EMU rake is 100 KMPH .

The major maintenance schedule of EMU rake is being carried out at KALVA car shed of Mumbai division. As stated above 5 Siemens EMU car rakes of KALVA car shed are operated in Pune division for providing EMU services. For upkeep of rakes Pune division is having one minor EMU train examination depot.

For sub-urban train operation, Crew booking is being done in combined crew lobby. There are 37 motorman based at Pune for running the EMU services in Pune division.

The following activities are carried out at Pune EMU depot to operate the EMU service in the section smoothly.

a)Rolling in inspection :- While arriving train at Pune station.

b)Daily inspection :- Carried out at Pune and Lonavala yard at night times to detect any irregularity.

c)Trip inspection :- Carried out in day time at EMU depot Pune after 13 days working of rake.

2.0       Stabling lines and pit lines :-

a)At Pune three lines for stabling three rakes

b)At Lonavala one line for stabling of one rake

c)12 car EMU inspection pit line cum stabling line at NWS Pune.

3.0       EMU services in Pune division :-

a)PA-LNL-PA              34 Nos

b)SVJR-LNL-SVJR       02 No.

c)PA-TGN-PA              08 Nos.


                                                                                                                                                (As on 04.04.2019)


1.0       Electric Loco operation and maintenance :-                         

Electric loco operation in PA-LNL section is looked after by Sr. DEE (TR) Pune. Average 30 mail/express trains are being run with electric loco in the section.

Electric loco trip shed at Pune provides visual inspection, trip schedule, unscheduled attention to electric locomotives and sanding and unscheduled attention to M/E and goods trains at GIT.

Average 210 numbers per month of trip schedules are being carried out at trip shed.

For mail/express operation from CSTM to Pune and back, crew booking is done at CSTM and is under the control of Sr. DEE (TRO) CSTM. At Pune, there is a combined crew lobby for ‘sign off/on’ of Mail/express LP/ALPs near Running room, Pune.

                                                                                                                                                (As on 04.04.2019)


1.0       SUMMARY :-

Electrical General Service Branch of Pune division caters for power supply to stations, service buildings, sheds, workshops, maintenance sidings and staff colonies, hospitals including maintenance of general service assets like sub-stations, AC plants, water coolers, DG sets, UPS and other electrical assets like lights, fans and yard lighting.

There are 18 HT sub-stations (22 KV – 3 Nos. 11 KV – 15 Nos) with 41 transformers of various capacities with vast network of underground cables and overhead distributions system to feed the electric power to all installations of Pune division which is having load of 11348 KW. The required power is purchased from MSEDCL at all 18 HT locations and 263 LT connections.

Pune division is having 71 stations among which 70 are electrified and are all provided with standby electrical supply through DG sets. Also, some important locations are secured by standby electrical arrangement with DG sets.

Pune division is having 132 LC gates from which 105 LC gates are provided with solar lights. Solar water heaters are provided for running rooms, rest houses, hospitals and hostels.

For conservation of energy, LED lights are provided at all service buildings, quarters, stations and also provided. Solar pumps have been provided for conservation of energy.

Description: IMG-20181216-WA0059  Description: IMG-20181216-WA0060  Description: C:\Users\USER\Desktop\GM 2019\PA FACAD LIGHTING.jpg

                            Description: C:\Users\USER\Desktop\GM 2019\IMG-20181227-WA0088.jpg              Description: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\IMG-20181227-WA0085.jpg    


                                                                                                                                                (As on 04.04.2019)

ELECT. (Train lighting and Air conditioning)

1.0       SUMMARY :- Pune division is having 5 depots situated in Pune, Miraj and Kolhapur. The details of depots are as follows :-

i)Ghorpadi Coach Maintenance Complex:

Facilities available :

i)IOH Shed having three pit lines of 3 coaches capacity.

ii)Five maintenance pit lines with 26 coaches capacity.

iii) Two marshaling lines.

iv) Three stabling lines.

ii)Old Washing Siding

Facilities available:

i)One pit line of capacity 25 coaches.

ii)One pit line of capacity 15 coaches.

iii)Two stabling lines.

iii) New Washing Siding

Facilities available :

i) Three pit lines with 16 coach capacity.

ii) One pit line with 14 coach capacity.

iii) One stabling line.

iv)Miraj Coaching Depot

Facilities available :

i)Two pit lines with 12 coach capacity.

v)Kolhapur Coaching Depot

Facilities available :

i)One pit line with 24 coach capacity.

ii)One pitline with 21 coach capacity.

iii)One stabling line.

2.0       TL-AC Holding :-

a)AC Coaches   :  194 Nos (4 U/S, 39 LHB, 151 RMPU)

b)TL Coaches   :  708 Nos.

(ii)TL-AC Maintenance :




Primary Coaches

Secondary Coaches










 28+5 DEMU

















10+1 DEMU








48+6 DEMU








                                                                                                                                                (As on 04.04.2019)


Brief of Railway Electrification work Pune-Miraj-Kolhapur section:

1.RKM/TKM : 326 RKM / 692 TKM.

2.Ministry of Railway has allotted Railway Electrification work of ‘PA-MRJ-KOP’ section to M/s. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL), PSU under Ministry of Power vide Rly. Bd’s L.No. 2016/RE/161/6 dated 01.11.2016.

3.Approved and included in Pink Book 2016-17.

4.The cost of Railway Electrification work is Rs. 566 Crores.

5.Total 6 OHE/PSI depots, 6 TSS, 6 SPs, 17 SSPs are planned in this project.

6.RE work of PA-MRJ-KOP section has been splited in to Package-1 & Package-2.

7.Package – 1 : RE work of ‘Pune(excl)-Satara(incl)’ section of 145 RKM/308 TKM. Contract awarded to M/s KEC on 07.05.2018.

a.Scope of work :-Provision of Electrification of OHE on the Railway Tracks, Construction of TSS, SP & SSP, Bay extenstion works at STUs GSS and Transmission line between STU GSS and TSS, SCADA, Improvement / modification to Signaling system including panel interlocking of station colour light signaling & telecommunication  system to suit 25 KV AC Traction system and any other works between Pune – Satara section.


b.Cost of Package – 1 :- Rs. 344.66 Cr.

c.Project start date :- 07.05.2018.

d.Project completion date :- 30.11.2022.

8.Package – 2 : RE work of ‘Satara(excl)-Miraj-Kolhapur’ section of 181 RKM / 384 TKM. Awarded to M/s Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited, Gandhinagar (KPTL).

9.Details of Package – 2 :

a.Scope of work :-Provision of Electrification of OHE on the Railway Tracks, Construction of TSS, SP & SSP, Bay extenstion works at STUs GSS and Transmission line between STU GSS and TSS, SCADA, Improvement / modification to Signaling system including panel interlocking of station colour light signaling & telecommunication  system to suit 25 KV AC Traction system and any other works.

b.Cost of Package – 2 :- Rs. 386.61 Cr.

c.Project start date :- 03.11.2017.

d.Project completion date :- 02.11.2021.

Description: C:\Users\USER\Desktop\GM 2019\Mast erection MRJ-KOP.jpg      Description: C:\Users\USER\Desktop\GM 2019\IMG-20181228-WA0051.jpg     



Source : Central Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 18-06-2019  

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