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Terms and conditions for Appointment of Hospital Visiting Specialist (HVS)




No. 2001/H-1/12/40New Delhi, dated 15-12-05


The General Managers,

All Indian Railways,


Sub: Introduction of the scheme of “Honorary Visiting Specialists” in

Railway Sub-Divisional Hospitals in replacement of existing

“Honorary Consultants” scheme.


Ministry of Railways have decided to introduce a scheme of engaging “Honorary Visiting Specialists” by replacing the existing system of engaging “Honorary Consultants” in a phased manner in 21 Sub-Divisional Hospitals, as per list at Annexure “A”, in the first instance/ the details of the scheme are given below.



1.1The revised name will be “Honorary Visiting Specialists”.


1.2The above scheme will be implemented in phased manner.


1.3In the first phase it will be implemented in 21 No. of selected Sub-Divisional



2.The procedure of change over

2.1The change over from Honorary Consultant to “Honorary Visiting

Specialist” will be a gradual process.


2.2The maximum number of “Honorary Visiting Specialists” which may be

appointed in each Sub-Divisional Hospital should be limited to three (3).


The existing Hony. Consultants working in Sub-Divisional Hospitals

would be replaced by “Honorary Visiting Specialists” in a phased manner.At any given time the total Number of “Honorary Visiting Specialists” andHonorary Consultants” added together will not cross the upper limit of“Honorary Visiting Specialists” that can be engaged for any Hospital.


3.Qualification and experience

3.1Minimum Post-Graduate degree from a recognized University.


3.2Minimum 5 years experience in the professional work related to concerned

Specialaity after obtaining P.G. Degree.


3.3The Specialist doctor must have earned reasonable amount of popularity and confidence in the City/Town.


4.Procedure of Selection

The MD/CMS/MS incharge of the concerned Railway hospital will undertake proper market Survey and short list probable Specialist doctors having proven abilities as judged by local reputation, publications and attachments.


4.1The MD/CMS/MS incharge will hold negotiating meeting with those

short listed Specialists doctors and will finalize the most suitable

Specialist doctor.


4.2The selected Specialist doctor will be asked to submit an application

which will be recommended by MD/CMS/MS incharge of the Railway

Hospitals to obtain approval of competent authority.


5.Competent Authority to approve engagement of Honorary Visiting Specialist.

5.1For a person being engaged for the first time as “Honorary Visiting Specialist” approval will be given by DG/RHS.


5.2First extension at the end of 1st year will be given by DG/RHS based on performance.


5.3Further extension based on performance wil be given by General Managers but after completion of every 5 years, repeat approval of DG/RHS is essential.


6.Age Profile.

6.1During first time engagement, the preferred age is between 40 years to 50 years.


6.2Upper age limit of continued engagement is 60 years.

Note: The exceptional cases need to be referred to Railway Board.


7.Tenure of working.

7.1Each time the offer is given, it is to be given for one year only.

7.2After expiry of one year, extension can be given as per para 5 above.




8.Number of visit/Number of House etc.

Honorary Visiting Specialist can be engaged as per any of the three patterns:-

8.1Average of 2 hours every day / 6 days/ week.


8.2Average of 2 hours every day/4 days/ week.


8.3Average of 2 hours every day/ 2 days/ week.


In addition they will have to come to hospital whenever called in for emergency on any day, including Sunday and Off day (for 4 days & 2 days/ week) and at any time of the day.


9.How to decide about who should be engaged for 6 days/ 4 days/ 2 days perweek.

9.1For Major clinical Specialists they must be engaged for 6 days/Week

Irrespective of workload.


9.2For Minor clinical Specialists they may be engaged for either 6 days/ week of 4 days/ week depending upon workload.


9.3For Para clinical Subjects (Radiology, Pathology etc.) they may be engaged for 6 days/4 days/2 days per work depending upon the work load.


10.Honorarium to be paid.

Monthly honorarium to be paid as follows:-

9.1For 6 days/week- Rs. 20,000/- P.M.

9.2For 4 days/week- Rs. 14,000/- P.M.

9.3For 2 days/week- Rs. 07,000/- P.M.


11.Free Railway Passes.

11.1One set of Complimentary Railway Pass valid all over Indian Railway 7

Konkan Railway in AC two tier including Rajdhani Express and in AC Chair Car of Shatabdi Express for self + Spouse and dependent Children (as per rules applicable for Railway employees) will be made available as per the entitlement of Selection Grade officers in each calendar year.


11.2The complementary pass can be availed after 3 months of engagement for

the calendar year.




12.Implementation of the above scheme.

12.1In these Sub-Divisional Hospitals maximum upper limit of ‘Honorary Visiting Specialists’ would be three in each of the hospital i.e. total of 63 in Number.


12.2The three “Honorary Visiting Specialists” are to be engaged in the Specialaity of General Medicine, General Surgery and Gynecology & Obstetrics. They should be engaged for average 2 hours/day/for 6 days/week.


12.3No change is allowed in Speciality or shifting of post to some other railway Hospital etc.


12.4Anesthetists are to be called in from market for Anesthesia work as per directives given in railway Board’s letter No.2004/H/23/3 dated 04-08-2004 with slight modification that they are to be called in these hospitals without the posts of Anesthetist being available in these Hospitals and even if all the posts of IRMS Cadre are fully occupied.


13.Daily Rate of deduction of remuneration.

They are allowed to have 12 days leave every year. For any absence beyond 12 days, deductions will be made at the following rates:-

2 Hrs. a day for 6 days /week = Rs. 850/- per day

2 Hrs. a day for 4 days/ week = Rs. 875/- per day

2 Hrs. a day for 2 days/ week = Rs. 875/- per day


14.Termination of Contract.

The contracts may be terminated at any time, on one month notice on either side. The Administration reserves the right not to assign any reason for such termination.



The impact of the scheme is to be properly evaluated by monitoring of prescribed Parameter. The monitoring Performa is enclosed.


16.Further extension of the Scheme.

Based on the evaluation report of these 21 Railway Sub-Divisional Hospitals, further decision will be undertaken on the scheme.


DA/As stated.Sd/-

(Dr. Hanuman Singh)

ExecutiveDirector/HealthRailway board.



No.2001/H-1/12/40New Delhi. Dt. 15-12-2005.


Copy forwarded to :

1.FA&CAOs, All Indian Railways,

2.The Chief Medical Directors, All Indian Railways.

DA/As above.Sd/-

(Dr. Hanuman Singh)

Executive Director/Health

Railway board.

No.2001/H-1/12/40New Delhi. Dt. 15-12-2005.


Copy forwarded to :

1.Principal Director of Audit, All Indian Railways.

2.Dy.Comptroller & Auditor General of India(Railways), Room No.224, Rail Bhavan, New Delhi.


For Fincial Commissioner, Railways.


Copy for information to : EDF(E), DDF(E) I & F(E) Spl (with 5 spares).



Following documents should be attached.


For initial term of Appointment and further Extension for the scheme.

  1. Whether the candidate holds a post-graduate degree in the relevant

Subject- Yes/No


  1. Whether post graduate qualification in the case of super specialties-



  1. He/She should have minimum of 5 years standing in the profession-



  1. He/She should have proven abilities as judged by local reputation-



  1. Whether the doctor has submitted his willingness to work as

Honorary Visiting Specialist- Yes/No


  1. Whether the doctor is within the age limit prescribed for such appointment-



7.He/She has submitted the zerox copy of certificates duly attested – Yes/No


8.He/She has submitted the proof of his/her Date of Birth – Yes/No


  1. Whether He/She retired from Railway Service, If so details thereon have

Furnished- Yes/No


  1. Whether the proposal has the approval of CMS/MD/CMD


11. Details of the existing doctor in the specialty where new Honorary Visiting

Specialist required –Yes/No









Parameter for monitoring Sub-Divisional Hospitals

Monthly Statement.


Total No. of O.P.D. cases attended



Total No. of I.P.D. patients treated



Average B.O.R.(Bed Occupancy Ratio)



Average A.L.S.(Average length of stay)



Total No. of deliveries conducted



Total No. of major surgeries done



Total No. of minor surgeries done



Total no. of patients referred to other railway hospitals and Govt. hospitals.



8.1For indoor treatment



8.2For O.P.D. treatment



Total No. of patients referred to Pvt. Hosp. for indoor treatment.



Total amount of bills passed for treatment taken in :



10.1Govt. Hosp.



10.2Private Hosp.



Reimbursement cases finalized



11.1No. of cases



11.2Total money



Total No. of X-ray plates exposed



Total No. of laboratory tests done in Railway Hosp.



Total No. of investigations (Path. Test + Special X-Ray +USG etc.) done from other Govt. + Pvt. Hosp./ diagnostic Centre.



Total No. of patients treated in I.C.U. of the Railway Hosp.


Government of India

Ministry of Railways

(Railway Board)


No. 2005/H-1/12/34New Delhi, dated 27.6.06


The General Managers,

All India Railways and Prod. Units,

DG/RSC/Vadodara, DG/RDSO, Lucknow



Sub :Extension to the scheme of “Honorary Visiting Specialists”

in all the Railway Hospitals all over Indian Railway



Sanction was accorded by Ministry ofRailways to introduce the scheme of “Honorary Visiting Specialists” in 21 Sub-Divisional Railway Hospitals vide their Office Order of even number dated 15.12.2005.The details of the terms and conditions were also given in that Office Order (copy attached)


In continuation of the Scheme, sanction of the Ministry of Railways is now accorded for further extension of the scheme to all the Railway Hospitals all over Indian Railways.


Details of the Scheme is given below:-


I.Maximum Number of Honorary Visiting Specialists that can be


Names of the Railway Hospitals

Maximum Number that can be engaged

1.1.For Central Hospital of C.Rly.E.Rly.N.Rly.

S.Rly., S.E.Rly. and W.Rly.

15 nos. in each of the Hospital

15 x 6=90

1.2For Central Hospital of N.E.Rly, N.F.

Railway & S.C. Railway

10 nos. in each of the Hospital


10 x 3=30


1.3For Central Hospital for new formed zones E.C.Railway, E.Co. Railway, N.C.Rly. N.W.Rly., S.E.C.Rly., S.W.Rly. and W.C.Rly.


10 nos. in each of the Hospital



10 x 7 = 70

1.4Ten Number of Major/Special Railway Hospitals


1.C.Rly. Hospital-Nagpur


2.C.Rly. Hospital-Bhusawal


3.E.Rly. Hospital-Asansol


4.N.Rly. Hospital-Charbagh, Lucknow


5.N.C.Rly. Hospital-Jhansi


6.N.E.Rly. Hospital-CRI Varanasi


7.N.W.Rly. hospital-Ajmer


8.S.Rly. Hospital-Tiruchirapally


9.S.C.Rly. Hospital-Vijaywada



10. S.E.Rly. Hospital-Kharagpur


6 Nos. in each of the Hospital


1.543 nos. of Divisional Hospitals

4 Nos. in each of the hospital

(List of 43 Divisional hospitals enclosed at

Annexure ‘A’)

4 x 43 = 172

1.630 balance number of Sub-Divisional/Production Units Workshop based Hospitals/Extra Divisional Hospitals.(There are in total 53 such hospitals, out of which, Order for 21 such hospitals have been issued.


For 2 hospitals it is not recommended at present.)

3 in each of these Hospitals

(List of 30 number of above such Hospitals is given in Annexure ‘B’)






3 x 30 = 90



2.These will replace the existing Honorary Consultants.Tenure of these Consultants should not be extended if a Honorary Visiting Specialist is being taken in lieu

3.About Anaesthesists from Market

3.1For small such Hospitals where number of post of Medical Officers is 9 or below, the directions as given in Para 12.4 in the Office order No. 2001/H-1/12/40 dated 15.12.05 is to be followed.


3.2For other Hospitals anaesthesist from Market to be called as per rules given in Railway Board’s L.No. 2004/H/23/3 dtd. 4.8.04.


4.The Scheme will be effective from 1.7.06 upto 30.06.08.Further extension will be considered based on financial implications of the scheme.


5.Financial Evaluation of the Scheme

For the purpose of doing financial evaluation of the scheme, the following procedures are to be adopted.


The total number of Railway patients provided profession services by Honorary Visiting Specialists is to be multiplied withrate of services as given below.The rates of the professional services are :


5.1For Consultation Services

(a)For consultation in OPD – Rs. 50/- per case per consultation services provided.

(b)For consultation in I PD – Rs. 75/- per case per consultation services provided


5.2For Surgical operative Services

(a)For minor surgical operation – Rs. 8,000/-per case.

(b)For major surgical operation -Rs. 15,000/- per case.

(c)For special surgical operation – Rs. 30,000/- per case.

(d)For tertiary level surgical operation – Rs. 50,000/- per case.


6.With the implementation of this scheme, the Honorary Visiting Specialists will be giving consultations and performing operations and other advices required.They would be performing operations also in the Railway Hospitals, and those cases which require referral and the condition of that patient is such that it is manageable during operation and post operative period in that Railway hospital, will not be referred to Private/Govt. hospitals, for the specialty for which visiting specialists are available in that Railway Hospital.It is further clarified that few high risk patients will still be required to be referred to higher medical centres.


7.The Central Hospital/ECR, Patnaand Central Hospital ECOR, Mancheswar are under development stage.Honorary Visiting Specialist will be engaged in these hospitals when it becomes operative in part or full so that the Specialist services can be effectively utilized.


8.All other terms and conditions, remains the same as given in the office order of even number dated 15.12.05 except the specialty in which the Hon. Visiting Specialists are to be engaged is to be decided by the CMD of Zonal Railway on need base.


9.This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.


10.Hindi Version will follow.


D.A. : As above.

(Dr. Hanuman Singh)

Executive Director/Health

Railway Board


No. 2005/H-1/12/34New Delhi 27.6.06.


Copy forwarded to :


1.FA&CAOs, All Indian Railways

2.The Chief Medical Directors, All Indian Railways.


Encl :As above.

(Dr. Hanuman Singh)

Executive Director/Health

Railway Board



No. 2005/H-1/12/34New Delhi, dated 27.6.06


1.The Principal Director of Audit, All Indian Railways

2.Dy.Comptroller & Auditor General of India(Railways), Room No. 224, Rail Bhavan, New Delhi.



Encl : As above.

For Financial Commissioner,Railways


Copy for information to :EDF(E), DDF(E) I & F(E) Spl. (with 5 spares)


List ofHospitals on Central Railway for appointment ofH.V.S.






Sanctioned Strength



Zonal Hospital-Byculla



Divisional Hospitals-Kalyan





































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