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         Signal and Telecom
            System improvement, Innovation & Achievements

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System improvement, Innovation & Achievements

System improvement, Innovation & Achievement of S&T Solapur during 10-11

1.Reliability of Assets:

Total reported signal Incidences during 2010-11: 151 as against target of 167 (Improvement of 9.6% over target &16.6% over 2009-10).

Total SFR failure during 2010-2011: 1663 as against 1960 (Improvement of 15.2% over 2009-10).

Quarter wise performance is as under:

Signal incidence

1st qtr

2nd qtr

3rd qtr

4th qtr


Target 10-11






Actual 10-11













1st qtr

2nd qtr

3rd qtr

4th qtr




















Control Efficiency Performance

Control efficiency

1st qtr

2nd qtr

3rd qtr

4th qtr














It can be seen that Reliability of Signalling gear was poor as compared to target & last year during 1st quarter. Afterwards management initiative viz ABC analysis, identification of good & bad stn, daily monitoring of SFR, identification of week maintainerfollowed by continuous training, knowledge up gradation through Confidence Building Course (CBC) at DTC through in house Key Resource Personal (KRP). Regular counseling followed by strict action for bad maintenance & recognition for good Maintainer. Provision of predictive maintenance/monitoring system resulted in substantial & visible improvement in Reliability has been ensured.

2.Human Resource Development

  • Established DTC for Signal & Telecom maintainer at DD by utilizing existing resources & in-house expertise without any extra expenditure.

  • Introduced the Concept of CBC (Confidence building Course) for week maintainer through KRP (key Recourse Personal). Total 414 maintainer including 56 weak maintainer) trained by 18 KRP during the year 10-11.
  • Introduced the concept of recognizing excellent efforts done by maintainer/supervisor. 7Class IV, 19 maintainer & 3 supervisors (Total 29) rewarded by DRM during BOM for ensuring the excellent reliability of signalling & telecom gears.


Introduced the concept of evaluating/monitoring good station/section with SFR failure<1, bad stn/section (Number increased from 22 in April10 to 38 in Feb 11) with SFR failure>4 Number decreased from 12 in April10 to 01 in Feb 11).

Introduced the concept of rewarding staff with excellent reliability (Feb 12excellent stations identifiedwith cumulative average SFR<1 for PI & <4 for RRI

To reduce the Fuse blowing due to lightening, 380 PPTC(Positive Polymeric Temperature Coefficient) fuse have been provided at 11 lightning prone station


Commissioned the GUI based Remote Power Supply Monitoring System (PMS)to monitor individual module ofIPS & Incoming supply through electricity board/DG set fromTest room inDD-MMR section1ston IR.

Commissioned the GUI based Remote Battery Monitoring System(BMS)to monitor individual Battery of Padhegaon stn in DD-MMR sectionfromTest room1ston IR


4.Signal Visibility

To improve reliability & visibility of colour light Signaling LED based signal lamps have been commissioned at 126+(216 by const) Nos of aspects as against target of 100. With this total 1441 aspects out of 2690 main aspects & 1018 auxiliary aspects o­n division. LED Signal has been provided for the all Signals in DD-MMR Section.

To improve visibility of Signalling aspect 200 Nos of Polycarbonate lenses have been provided at subsidiary signals as against target of 200.

5.Power Supply

To improve battery backup 28 sets of IPS batteries have been replaced.

33 Nos under capacity DG sets have been upgraded to Environment friendly Noiseless DG

IPS commissioned at three LC gate (LC-61(TLT-AKOR), 76(YL-ANK), 24(BGVN-JNTR).

Commissioned solar charging of IPS battery at 3 LC gates and solar charging of inverter at 1LC gate


6.Other reliability Improvement Measures

Fuse alarm system along with duplication of fuses has been commissioned at 19 locations against Target of 18 in 10-11. With this Fuse alarm system have been provided at 70 out of 72 stations.

Track Battery Monitoring System provided at 25 Nos/ Target 25. With this total 65 out of 72 stations.

To improve reliability of signaling circuit Maintenance Free Earth has been provided at 24 stations/ Target 20. With this total 71 out of 72 stations have been provided with Maintenance Free Earth.

Microcontroller based ELD provided 13 stations and potential free contact wired to Data logger.


Potential free contact of Fuse Alarm System wired to Data logger at 28 stations

38 MBC Turn out has been provided o­n division.

3 Nos of Q series PTJ type Block Instrument provided by replacing old version of NV1 type.

Magnetic Boom Lock provided at 11 LC gate/Target 11

Directed Maintenance has been carried out at 26 stations/Target of 24

UTS rack along with maintenance Free earth provided 65 locations/Target of 62

7.Safety, Operation and Traffic Facility

Interlocking of 3 mid section LC gate/Target 2 (One in 31-3-10 & 2 in 10-11).

LC gate to station communication provided at two manned Gates in UMD – LUR section.

Long pending Traffic facility work of extension of loop line has been completed at 10 stn (7 in 31-3-10 & 3 in 10-11).

Gauge conversion for new BG line has been commissioned at PVR-MRJ section for traffic

06 panel interlocking stations have been commissioned between PVR-MRJ section by S&T (Const.) along with this 6 data logger & 6 IPS were also commissioned.

V-SAT for extending communication to site & video from site to HQ & Divisional control Commissioned at ART DD.

Live telecast of disaster management exercise at DD o­n 18.3.11 through VSAT was done for the 1sttime o­n CR.


Commissioned FOIS at 18 location

Commissioned CMS at KWV Lobby.

To ensure synchronization of timing between Controller & ASM:47 GPS clock provided: 8 in Control & 39 at Stations in DD-WD section.


8.Scrap Disposal: 115 MT as against target of 40MT.

9.Diesel Consumption:Diesel consumption reduced by 36% (106683 ltr in 2010-11 as against 168006 ltr in 2009-10) resulting into saving of Rs26Lakhs

10.Passenger Amenities

Implemented 5 digit train numbering system for all the Mail Exp & Passenger trains in Train Indicators / Coach Guidance system/PC based announcement within target.

10 Nos GPS clock provided at 5 stn.

Coach Guidance System commissioned o­n PF- 6 at DD & 1 Multiline Train display provided at LUR.

PC based Announcement commissioned at 2 location Latur & Osmanabad

UTS commissioned at 5 stations in PVR-MRJ section.

Source : Central Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 11-04-2011  

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