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Major and Main PL Groups

Major Group Number

Main Group Number


0Steam locomotive parts & fittings
01Other IRS locos BG.
02Non-IRS locos BG.
04Other IRS steam locos MG.
05Non-IRS stern locos MG
06All steam locos NG.
07Rail mounted steam cranes BG/MG/NG.
08Rail mounted diesel cranes BGIMG/NG.
1Diesel loco parts & fittings
10Alco DLW diesel electric locomotives BG/MG/NG. WDM1, WDM2, WDS5, YDM4, YDM4A, Power Packs.
11WDMI, WDM2. WDS5. YDM4. YDM4A, Vehicle Portion
12WDMI, WDM2, WDS5, YDM4, YDM4A, Transmission
13MAK/CLW diesel hydraulic locomotives BGIMG/NG/WDS4, WDS4A, ZDM3 Power Pack.
14WDS4, WDS4A, ZDM3 Vehicle portion.
15Hardware items Common to group 10 & 11.
16General Motors diesel electric locomotives BG & MG WDM4, YDM3, YDM5.
17Henschel Main line diesel hydraulic locomotives WDM3.
19Non-standard diesel locomotives YDMI, N/ZDM1, ZDM2, WDS1, WDS2.
2Electric loco parts & fittings
21DC Elec. locos BG pre-war.
22DC Elec. locos BG post-war (WCMI, 2, 3, 4, 5 WCG2).
23AC Elec. locos "GROUP" WAMI, WAG2, WAG3, and WAG4.
24AC Elec. locos-Japanese design WAM2, WAM3, WAG2.
25AC Elec. locos of CLW
27AC/DC Elec. locos BG.
28All AC Elec. locos MG.
3Carriage, Wagon, EMU, Railcar Parts & fittings
30ICF Coaches BG & MG.
31ICF EMU coaches BG & MG.
32Diesel Railcars BG/MG/NG.
33BENI Coaches BG & MG.
34Jessops Coaches BG/MG.
35EMU Coaches BGIMG (Jessop, Breda. etc.).
36Other Coaching stock BG/MG
37Old IRS design wagons, CR, O, MBC, NCL.
38New IRS stock wagons. BOX, BOI, BCX, BRH & future new designs
39Other goods stock e.g., IRCA & non-IRS.
4Electrical Stores
40Cables, Conductors & transmission materials and wires.
41Insulators & insulating materials.
42Electrical fittings.
43All instruments, appliances & component instruments.
45T.L. Cells & train fighting materials (not included elsewhere).
46Electrical sub-station transmission & distribution equipment. (not included elsewhere).
47Electrical machinery & parts including carbon brushes of all types.
5Signals & Telecommunication Stores
50Telegraphs & telephones equipment.
52Wireless equipment including electronic components and spares for communication.
54Signal & interlocking material, mechanical single wire and their parts & fittings.
55Signal & interlocking material, mechanical double wire and their parts & fittings.
56Signal & interlocking material, electrical and their parts & fittings.
6Engineering Plant machinery & parts.
60Permanent Way, Track Tools & Bridge work.
61Building materials including sanitary-ware, roofing materials (other than G.I. sheets), Bricks, Sand, Cement, Lime etc.
62Pipes, tubes & fittings including valves.
65Plant & Machinery including Cranes-complete unit.
66Spares for Plant & Machinery and Cranes.
67Road Motors, Auto-trucks, trolleys & material-handling equipment other spares.
7, 8, 9General Stores
70Abrasives & grinding wheels.
71Brushes, brush ware & basket ware and bamboo products.
72Tools accessories & components & instruments.
73Hardware, fasteners, rivets, bolts, nuts, screws, studs and pins and cotters.
74Hardware-other than fasteners, ironmongery, Tin-ware, etc. including expanded metals, oil lamps, parts and fittings, stores etc. wire ropes, chains and allied fittings
75India Rubber, Leather, Canvas & Plastics & kind of Materials (except those pertaining to technical classification).
76Electrodes cutting & welding accessories Elect. &Oxyacetylene.
77Paints, Enamels, Varnishes and Painter's stores including painter's oils and spirits.
78Crockery, Cutlery, Napery, kitchen and tableware, furniture and other equipments including clocks, watches etc.
79Cloth, clothing and personal equipment and cotton products such, as Cord, Twine ropes and Waste Cotton.
80Petroleum & petroleum products other than fuel oil.
81Acids, chemicals & chemical products (including soaps, disinfectants, insecticides & explosives) and vegetable oils
82Drugs. Pharmaceuticals. Hospital instruments appliances
83Stationery forms, drawing office instruments, laboratory apparatus, photographic equipment & printing press equipment.
84Refractories, glass, glass substitute, asbestos, asbestos fiber, joint & packing material.
85Bearing ball and roller.
86Miscellaneous including fire fighting equipment and marine material.
90Metals ferrous.
91Metals Non-ferrous.
92Fuel & Fuel oils.
97Rolling stock completes units.

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